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Quantum Paradigm for Social Governance, Masters Thesis, Faculty of Administration, University of Ottawa, 1996

PROJECT ARK 2050: The Great Canadian Transformation, Christopher Wilson & Associates, 12 May 2021

From the Great Replacement to Getting to Know Your Neighbours, Christopher Wilson & Associates, 22 October 2019


Not only does May’s “Climate Cabinet” idea not offend parliamentary democracy. It is democracy, Christopher Wilson & Associates, 8 September 2019


Why I’m Voting Green (Hint: it’s not because of their Green menu), Christopher Wilson & Associates, 31 July 2019


Time for a New Paradigm of Government, Christopher Wilson & Associates, 28 May 2019


Either the BC Court of Appeals and the SCC Made an Error or They Have Fundamentally Undermined the Principle of Command Authority in Canada’s Military, Christopher Wilson & Associates, 24 January 2019


Responding to Harper’s Appeal to Rationality in his “The Future is Populist", Christopher Wilson & Associates, 20 October 2018

Re-Imagining Government Part One: Governments Overwhelmed and in Disrepute, Tellwell Publishing, Victoria, BC, June 2018

Is the US administration sleepwalking into economic disaster?, Christopher Wilson & Associates, 24 May 2018


Reimagining Global Governance, Christopher Wilson and Associates, 22 March 2018


Democracy at a Tipping Point, Christopher Wilson & Assoc., 30 December 2017


Denial of Democracy, Christopher Wilson & Assoc. 19 December 2017


Canada's Consultation Crisis, Christopher Wilson & Assoc., 25 October 2017


Election Reform, Christopher Wilson & Assoc., 8 October 2017


Reflections of the Day, Christopher Wilson & Assoc., 21 July 2017


The Paradox of Populism and the Erosion of Democracy, Christopher Wilson & Assoc., 17 June 2017


Is Matter Conscious? I guess it depends on what you mean by conscious. Christopher Wilson & Assoc., 23




 "PROJECT ARK 2050: The Great Canadian Transformation", Christopher Wilson & Associates, 12 May 2021

"From the Great Replacement to Getting to Know Your Neighbours", Christopher Wilson & Associates, 22 October 2019