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Sharing Dance is Canada’s National Ballet School’s collaborative community outreach initiative that offers free dance programs for all Canadians—to get active, healthy and artistically engaged. It features multifaceted programming and supported through a collection of free online resources, Sharing Dance includes:

    •     * High-quality dance activities for children and youth—both in and out of the classroom.
    •     * Health and wellness dance programs for seniors, focused specifically on improving quality of life and creating community.
    •     * NBS Sharing Dance Day 2018, a nation-wide, engagement program culminating in multigenerational community performances on Sharing Dance Day

Sharing Dance is being delivered by a national network of partners including Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, MLSE Launchpad, Community Care Centre Peterborough, Baycrest, Trent University, PHE Canada, the Public Health Agency of Canada, Shaw Communications, Canada's Royal Winnipeg |Ballet School, Scotiabank, Jumpstart, Globe and Mail, Dance for Parkinson’s Network Canada, and many more.


One World Inc.

One World uses proven and innovative dialogue-based techniques to help you get the input, engagement and process you need to develop effective policies and programs and make sustainable decisions.



PHE LogoPHE Canada has been Canada’s premier professional organization for physical and health educators since 1933. Its members are predominantly educators working in schools, the administrators who support them and the university professors engaged in both pre-service teacher training and in physical and health education research.


Fineworks FINEworks specializes in consulting in complex environments where consensus-building across organizational and jurisdictional boundaries is paramount. FINEworks brings executive skills and experience to its assignments; this assures alignment with the strategic objectives of its clients. It operates as a boutique consultancy, calling on a network of specialized associates depending on clients’ needs. Clients include a number of federal government departments and agencies and the not-for-profit sector, including the Sector Councils.  Services include organizational design and development, change management, economic and policy analysis, group process facilitation and project management.


INVENIRE "the idea factory"

INVENIRE is a Ottawa-based consultancy and publishing house that specializes in issues of governance and stewardship that belong to today’s fast-paced, ever-changing, and interdependent world. They help organizations govern themselves better by aiding them in the discovery of coordination solutions that work for them. Invenire enables decision makers to become more effective by helping them to re-frame their business models, to share power, to act horizontally, and to devise creative learning systems and processes that enhance their leadership capacity.



IsaiX is a Canadian firm headquartered in Montreal, with offices in Ottawa and Toronto, that develops support tools for organizational learning including tools to support partnerships and collaboration. IsaiX Technologies began in 1989 as training and consulting company, Gregory Training Associates, which specialized in training and in the pharmaceutical, financial services and telecommunication industries. IsaiX e-learning support tools include:

  • Interactive document training that supports either online or traditional training modules, provides easy access to e-library resources; generates main points and document highlights; and aids in self-directed study and review.
  • Coach Technology®, which is an online coaching or mentoring aid that can review specific training objectives, help establish target performance, monitor student progress, and create Personal Development Plans (PDPs).

IsaiX collaboration support tools include:

  • The creation of collaborative learning environments that can comprise coordinated scheduling, messaging, threaded discussions, document exchanges, and performance monitoring of collaboration objectives.
  • The generation of a partnership e-library for storage of common files, reports, MOUs, and other essential partner reference material and an ability to quickly search it via desktop computer, laptop or PDA.
  • The tracking of partner issues, activities and performance to provide greater transparency and trust.
  • Providing mechanisms for capturing partner contributions, benefits, and externalities to sustain partner commitments.
  • An easy-to-use reporting function that can generate reports on an as needed basis to satisfy the unique needs of each and every partner.